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Meet Our Team


Service is perhaps the most important ingredient in a restaurant experience. Our team, integrated by professionals with extensive experience, and which includes members of the Pachacutec Culinary Institute, is entirely dedicated to serve and guide our visitors.


Led by Giorgio Stefano, our kitchen team is mainly made up by experienced and creative young people who are not afraid to try new things. Their goal: that the food they serve meets the highest standards of quality, while they keep researching about our resources and maintaining a relationship of mutual learning with local producers.

Enjoy your exquisite Italian cuisine


A place to chill out and share the spirit of the guests and team of bartenders.


A team with a deep and constantly evolving philosophy: wines are alive; behind and in them there’s always a great story to tell.
We are constantly looking for new talent to join our kitchen, salon and bar teams. If you are interested in working or getting an internship, please fill out the form and send us your résumé, so you can be included in our selection process.

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